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Getting Started

Eazi SMS Pro is going to help you integrate the API into your system to help you send messages to your clients without any hassle


  • Send SMS
  • Check Balance
  • Schedule Messages
  • Receive Delivery Status


  • Send Voice SMS
  • Generate Voice ID
  • Check Balance
  • Receive Delivery Status

Getting Started

Register on Eazi SMS Pro if you are a new user. Navigate to http://apps.eazismspro.com/api/api for your API Key

Generate your API key if you do not have. This key is very important for your API integration. You can ignore this part if you have already generated your API Key.

The API key is a random text in an alphanumeric format such as this: 44d7a5066d1910a17515.

You are good to go if you have your API Key ready. Select:


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