Are you a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), church, etc? Do you need a standard way to receive donations directly on your website with donors and donations tracking? Then sign up today for our Eazigive payment platform.

This plugin is a donations payment gateway which gives you the ability to receive payments through VISA, MasterCard and mobile money payments from Ghana Telcos namely- MTN, AirtelTigo and Vodafone.

In addition to the package you would receive an SMS integration with EAZI SMS Pro (our bulk SMS service) where you are sent notifications on every successful donation received.

Payment processors included

  1. Hubtel
  2. Slydepay
  3. Mazzuma
  4. Rave

Don’t have a VISA card/MasterCard, contact us through the chat box or give us a call on +233246227810 and we can process your purchase manually through mobile money (or your preferred choice of payment) and send you a license.